lake lustre
Joe Scerri has exhibited his paintings, installations, film, light sculptures, vinyl wall art, illustration, and sound design since 1989. Images of artwork coming soon.

Solo Exhibitions

March 31-April 1, 2016
Gaffa Gallery, Sydney

Magnetic Rivers
Oct 14-Nov 4, 2015
Rubicon Ari, Melbourne

Air Looms
July 31-August 9, 2015
Free Range Gallery Perth

New Drawings
June 6-July 4, 2015
Daphne, Perth

Recordings in Vinyl
December 17-23, 2003
Mop Projects Sydney

February 23-March 11, 2000
Rubyayre Gallery, Sydney

September 6-23, 2000
Room 35, Sydney

Knew Works
February 7-28, 1998
TBA Gallery, Sydney

Lissome Flight
March 8-29, 1997
Raw Nerve Gallery, Sydney

May 23-30, 1994
Nevada Studios, Sydney

November 19-December 7, 1991
Jerome Gallery, Sydney

Group Shows

A History of Arabic Culture
Collaboration with Carlos Franklin
5 sounds pieces created to accompany animations.
January - June, 2012
World Arab Institute, Paris, France
1. Mohaït moua moutaraza (sewed and embroided)
2. Sand-Graphs
3. Ephemerals
All Music written by Joe Scerri

The Language of Humour
October 08-24, 2008
SODA, Bratislava, Slovakia

October 11-27, 2001
Gallery Wren, Sydney

Wallzine project, 2001
various street locations around Sydney

50/50, 1999
Gallery 19, Sydney

Group show, 1999
Tin Sheds, Sydney

Group show
August 17-September 7, 1996
Raw Nerve Gallery, Sydney

Group show, 1996
ARDT Gallery, Sydney

Duo show with Anne Maree Roworth
March 6-27, 1996
Firstdraft, Sydney

And an Image of Myself,
October 7-21, 1993
Cyberspace Gallery, Sydney

Duo show with Eric Hewitson
September 19-October 7, 1991
Jerome Gallery, Sydney

Group show
July 11, 1989
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
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